Dual exhaust rear bumper

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Does anyone have or know where to get an oem style rear bumper for a half way decent price? The dealership said a brand new one is $580, which seems outrageous for a thin piece of aluminum. I've checked all the local junkyards and no one has one. I've checked eBay and came up empty. Any suggestions are appreciated. Also if you have one that you'd like to sell let me know, I don't care what color it is cause its going to get powder coated to match my truck.
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$580.00 brand new from the dealer seems like a good price to me. I would have thought it would have been more. You can try google. Might be some after markets out there. Good luck.
Go to Mopar-Wholesale dot com. It's cheaper than the dealer, not sure what shipping will be though. Google is a wonderful thing. has them at a good price.
$239 for primered and $356 for chrome
dont know if your still looking but sells them. I paid about $350 shipped for a chrome dual exhaust bumper for my 2012
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