Dual Kenwood 10" subs

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Ok folks, I am wanting to install dual 10" subs under the rear split bench seat in my 2007 Dodge Ram Quad Cab, but before I go an invest in the amps and subs and cabinet, has any one already done this and if so does it sound good or crappy, like my single 12" under the rear seat. I am after some smooth serious thump without no distortion....Any one??:4-dontknow:
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I have an 08 quad cab with 2 12" JL Audio Subs pushed by a 400 watt Kicker amp and hooked to a Kenwood KIV-BT900 Digital Media receiver. Problem I had was finding subs shallow enough to fit in the sub box. I usually go with Kicker Solobaric subs in all of my vehicles but the drop in sub box wasn't deep enough for the magnets.
Trying to find good shallow mount subs in the big box stores yielded nothing so I went to a custom shop and the guy told me the JL Audios (which aren't shallow mount BTW) would fit. They sound phenomenal too.

One on each side balances the bass well instead of 1 solo woofer.

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