Duraflap mudflaps

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After a couple of runs down red clay roads we have hereabouts it became apparent I needed mudflaps. Serious mudflaps, not the little molded plastic thingies. My requirements: no drill, 12" wide, no sail, keep OEM plastic fender trim, gotta look good., in Oregon, met all the requirements. Flaps are predrilled, 3/8 thick, stiff enough not to sail, flexible enough to bend over obstacles (won't crack if hit), and I got custom stainless rear artwork weights. Thats me and the old lady howlin at the moon. Installation was a breeze. Fit perfect. They even come with all stainless hardware. These ain't cheap, but you get what you pay for. Only caveat is that there is no factory bolt in the top front fenderwell hole (unless you have flares) and the fender liner has a "U" cut in it there so nowhere to attach u-clip on it. So hadda put u-clip on the fender itself over the tab in metal. Couple of pix attached.


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Mine are in the shop just waiting for me to install them.
I'll post pics when installed.
While working 2 months of 4 on, 1 off, 12 hr night shifts.
I learn a long time ago not to do anything that can be put off.
Those flaps are looking good
I only have flaps on the rear
I used the dealers flaps, i don't advertise unless i get paid or its something that i want

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I like that second shot with the forum weight, much better. Sticker or a custom flap plate?
I bought some scrap aluminum & i was going to paint it & i still may
I went to a sticker shop at the mall, took the backing off & stuck it on
it has been on there through flooding, many car washes, & lately a lot of the neighbors dog urine.
It has been on there since early fall 2011

I am thinking about changing it a bit to

lower case com below it
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op, never heard of these and exactly what i want, tks for posting.
Like I said, they are a little pricey, but I believe worth the extra. Plain fronts are $75 per pair, rears are $80 per pair. Adding standard polished weights adds $40 per pair. Artwork weights adds another $50. Polished stainless weights are set in flush, they mill pockets for them. You don't really need them, they are for appearance. I got weights in the back (howlin wolves) and plain fronts. Total cost $245 + $10 shipping. Duraflaps people are nice and easy to work with. Highly recommended. Checkout their website for info.
ed5 tks for link, ordering tomorrow, which width did you get? tks
I got the 12" standard width, provides nice complete coverage of stock tires. If I had a lift and wider tires I would have gone with the 14". Standard length is plenty long for stock suspension. Mine are 9-1/2" bottom to ground.
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