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if anyone cares, my rcsb 4x4 got dusted by a charger rt yesterday. from light to light, never caught up to the charger until she slowed down, but she was a cute blonde and i enjoyed the kiss she blew in my direction. she then took off and i didn't see her agin. but i did show the older guy in his camary who was boss at the next light where we were stopped. lol
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Look at the bright side...Just be thankful that it wasn't a Plymouth Horizon, or a Ford Pinto!! But you did bring honor back by dusting the Camry. :smiley_thumbs_up:

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figured i'd loose, but not by so much. at least she was cute,. driven a few camarys, doubt any can keep up.
COOLVANILLA what are you doing making the rest of us look bad and buying the wife a new challenger. if word gets out we will all have to do this!
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