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so as owners of the 2009 and 2010 rams we have the luxury of having clutch (mechanical) and electric fans in our trucks... yes i know 2011 and 2012 have them too but the earlier models can control the e-fan with programmers.... currently i have not changed the fan settings and with the clutch fan still in and my 180 t-stat my average running temp, pushing the engine, and even sitting in traffic temp usually sits around 178-180... highest i ever seen it is 181*.

so my question being if i i want to remove the clutch fan and only use my electric fan. i have already put in a Jet 180* t-stat... and i have a predator programmer to change the fan settings.... only WHAT DO I CHANGE THE TEMPATURES TO?

My thoughts right now are with the predator : Cooling Fans A/C on 180*
Cooling Fans A/C off the low 180* and high 190* .... or possibly low 175* and high 185*......

thoughts and suggestions?

Pros and cons to having an e-fan?
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