Easy 09+ E Fan swap!!!

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Found this on another forum...definately stealing and sharing!

The V6 trucks come with a real E Fan, not the smaller A/C fan, and it mounts directly to the radiator using the same mounts we Hemi guys have. It also plugs directly into the A/C fan plug. It also eliminates the mechanical fan, so you don't have that crank drag anymore! It's on MGH's twin turbo ram and works great. I am going to order one soon and post up pics of it!

I noticed with the Vararam blocking the top part of the radiator, the 180 T-stat and now a good E-fan is essential! Can't wait to have MY pics up!

The fan part number is 55056851AF, retail 222.00, I saw it online for 152.

Stock A/C fan on top, V6 fan on bottom

Installed on a V-6 truck, to show true fan size

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Nice. Will be something I look into down the road.
Cool! Is this something that's really necessary? I'd like to know cfm ratings for each to see if it's worth spending the money. I haven't seen anyone complain about cooling issues with the mechanical fan removal, but cool mod either way. Get's rid of the massive shroud too lol (room for turbo :) )
Good find! Not a mod I was intending.....but never were most of the mods I did. :hah:
Very good find. What site are you getting the fan from?
Not sure yet, probably Steve White Parts. I ordered some stuff from them, great prices and service
very nice...and if I didn't know any better, that might fit the 3rd gens as well...
I think it is less than an inch off height and width. Best part is the 150 price tag and full plug and play :)
It's sort of deceiving in the pic, do you know how it compares to the stock fan? It looks like it is taller and thinner, but hard to tell...
Same width, taller shroud, larger fan and thinner design
would be real nice if there is a plug in for it on our trucks. i had the flexalite kit on my cummins. loved it
would be real nice if there is a plug in for it on our trucks. i had the flexalite kit on my cummins. loved it
There is! That's one of the beauties of this. :smileup:
What's the purpose of this mod? What benefit does it net you? Thanks
Yes, I am a "stodgy" old man who still believes a truck that is occasionally used for towing a decently heavy load needs a real, driven fan. I love electric fans for my cars and even like an additional electric fan on a truck that tows or does real off road 4X4 action. Even more, I like electric fans that also have a manual switch in the cab for the driver to engage in harsh conditions when monitoring coolant temp on an aftermarket data guage system. I've always been a coolant guage watcher when pushing my trucks over the years while towing and 4-wheeling, so having a bit of overkill in the cooling department has always been my normal. But like I said...I'm an old, anal scaredy-cat when it comes to my cooling system...LOL!:LOL:
I just want to know how much air this v6 fan moves compared to the stock v8 AC fan. They appear similarly sized, although the v6 one is slightly bigger.
Hey Timmy, any more on this fan? JW if you went forward with the swap or plan to. I removed my mech fan and so far (winter) haven't noticed any issues at all with the stock AC fan cooling the engine (with the tuner adjusted settings).
I'm going to do it soon, but I have 39 days until I get is tight :)
lol gotcha. And congrats!
would this fit on my 06?
Why the hell do they not put this on our trucks from the factory.... Fail!
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