Ecodiesel with 3.92 rear axle

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Does anyone on this forum have an Ecodiesel with the 3.92 rear axle? I need it to do the towing I want. If yes, can you post your MPG data? I tried ordering a Tradesman with the 3.92 and actually had my dealer submit the order only to find out later they are not making it. The more expensive models allegedly had it.
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I just finished a 4 hour trip with two of us in the cab. Brand new Michelin LTX 20's at 43PSI hot, 40 cold. Highway, hills, and back roads. 55mph highway, 35-40mph winding back roads. When I got back to where I started and reset the display, 24mpg. That's about 29mpg Imperial for us Canucks. The 3.92 axle will hold ECO mode the entire trip except some of the hills.

Thought the ED would best that by a considerable margin. The advertised highway mpg in Canada on these new diesels is 40mpg imperial, which works out to 33.3mpg US according to Mr. Elliott who also does the Canadian commercials. As a comparison, the windows sticker on a 5.7 8speed 3.92 is 31mpg highway in Canada. But our country has been a little slow adopting the more realistic mileage methods the US now has.
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