Ecodiesel with 3.92 rear axle

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Does anyone on this forum have an Ecodiesel with the 3.92 rear axle? I need it to do the towing I want. If yes, can you post your MPG data? I tried ordering a Tradesman with the 3.92 and actually had my dealer submit the order only to find out later they are not making it. The more expensive models allegedly had it.
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Got my CC 6'4 Outdoorsman last week with 3.92s with the 20" wheels. It seems like 3.92 was the only available with the Outdoorsman and no upcharge, at least for mine (May order) and the others I've seen window stickers for already on lots. I don't know about current trucks but the page lists $50 upcharge.

I have not had to fill yet, 476.8 miles and just under half tank left with the est range left at 311. Mostly commuting back at forth to work between 55-75 depending on traffic. Currently the dash indicates 24.2 mpg. Have tried out a few speeds with cruise over 10-15 mile runs, usually get interrupted by traffic or I'd run longer. It seems to like running around 60 best, but in Atlanta 60 will get you killed. Usually drive around 70 and it has been showing between 23-26 mpg, 70 turns just under 2k rpm.

I'll try to keep the thread updated as I run my truck.
For the up charge`s to get into the ED, do you guys think its really going to pay off in the future for what you invested/spent...???... your MPG aren`t really impressing me that much. I`m driveing a 14 hemi QC 4x4 w/3.92 and 8-speed, knockin down 22 to 23 easily.
The fact that the guys I know locally, running the CC 5'7 trucks at getting at BEST 19 highway and never touch the 21 on the sticker. And using fuelly to get an average, 16 mpg for both the 2013 and 2014 trucks, makes me think the 20+ mpg club are either evic only guys or light foot drivers. Add in that often diesel on the southside of Atlanta is at or below the mid-grade price.

Estimation before ordering gave me a break even point of 25.5 months with the fuel prices closer than now but using 20 mpg Hemi and 25 diesel. On my first tank still I am already getting over 26 on the evic and will be filling tomorrow to confirm the mileage. That break even included the 2800 for the engine and 1500 difference in incentives for the SE region.
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