Educated opinions wanted ( Mufflex 14" 18" 24" or Delete ? )

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About to place my order with Mufflex because of the ease of install on the product but before I order I wanted to ask all you owners out there with real personal experience with a Mufflex on your truck

I have a 2012 Ram Quad Cab 4wd Big Horn
and of the choices Mufflex offers I want the system that sounds like a Hemi Should and will turn heads but won't drive me crazy inside the cab or give the kids headaches in the back seat I plan to keep the resonators in the stock duals

I have watched all the vids here and on youtube but every DOD14M vid I watched sounds different than the last so I would love to get real people with real opinions to weigh in

Thanks Guys
Loving this site best community of owners I have ever come across
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I got the magnaflow y-pipe and the 18" mufflex. The throttle response is night and day. The sound is awesome. It might be my age but I did not want anything too loud but I also wanted to be heard (if that makes any sense). I am very happy with the 18 mufflex and would recommend to anyone.
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