Educated opinions wanted ( Mufflex 14" 18" 24" or Delete ? )

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About to place my order with Mufflex because of the ease of install on the product but before I order I wanted to ask all you owners out there with real personal experience with a Mufflex on your truck

I have a 2012 Ram Quad Cab 4wd Big Horn
and of the choices Mufflex offers I want the system that sounds like a Hemi Should and will turn heads but won't drive me crazy inside the cab or give the kids headaches in the back seat I plan to keep the resonators in the stock duals

I have watched all the vids here and on youtube but every DOD14M vid I watched sounds different than the last so I would love to get real people with real opinions to weigh in

Thanks Guys
Loving this site best community of owners I have ever come across
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I've had the delete on mine but a local muffler shop did it for $50 I really like it and so does everyone else that hears it it is loud between 2000 and 2800 under firm acceleration at wot it's just awesome and at cruising speeds it's really very quiet hope this helps
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