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HI Guys

Bit of background, I bought a 1984 D150 318, auto trans. It is sitting in Mesa Az, while I am half a world away in australia. I need to get this truck shipped to Ca and into a container to be brought over, (or under if you like)
A good friend in Mesa is storing it for me and doing some leg work getting a few things sorted out.

The truck runs but stalls under load. At first I suspected a blocked carb since it has been sitting for quite a while (barn find).

But now I'm not so sure and wondering if it is an electrical problem. When delivered the battery was dead flat, we stuck a new battery in it and it fired up fine, revs up OK but stumbles and dies under load. Did have some success driving it to the brake specialist to have new brakes installed. My friend says he stuck it in 2nd gear (auto trans) and got there OK. But after the work was completed it got just out the door and died again.

My friend says he gets a shock (electrical) after he exits the cab. mostly when the engine is running and occasionally after the engine is shut down.

I'm struggling a bit as I have to do every thing by remote control. My friend has been quite understanding but don't want to load him up too much and wear out my welcome.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated


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