Exhaust Ideas?

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I am looking at putting an exhaust on my 2011 HEMI Crew. I want something that makes a good rumble but isn't over baring when cruising down the highway. Ideas? Thank you
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Looking to do a muffler swap but cannot find a lot of info online. My local muffler shop is telling me that my Hemi needs a special muffler. Is that true? I have had several 40 series flowmasters and have been very happy with them. Can I put a normal 40 on my truck?
I got the 40 Delta Flows on my 2012 Ram Hemi. I had the muffler delete for a few days but it was way too loud and sounded like crap when the MDS kicked in. I really like the flows, sound mean but not too loud.
i have a 2012 hemi express single cab and i put magnaflow on it just the muffler used all stock pipeing it has a nice clean deep tone and when cruising you can barely hear it inside the cabin specially when it shuts off to 4 cylinders i didnt want flowmasters because on rams they sound really loud so i went with a mellow tone exhaust sound

hope it helps but look on youtube for videos thats how i made my decision
I suggest magnaflow as well..I like it quiet when just cruise and hear it when I want to hear it..I ran flow 50's for a year and finally couldn't stand the loudness incab... and like above, when it kicks into mds, it'll sound like crap..
Ordered a 18" magnaflow (part #12288) muffler from Summit. Should be here monday or tuesday!
Magnaflow Installed and Debadged

I got my magnaflow 12288 installed and debadged my truck yesterday! I will post pics asap
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