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This is my first V10 and I have read about them being sensitive to exhaust mods and back pressure. I currently have what looks to be the oem exhaust, 2.25" dual into two cats, to a dual in / single 3" out garbage can of a muffler. It has what appears to be the rattley cat syndrome now.
I was hoping to wait a little longer to do a complete dual set up but with the cats needing to go away now im kinda rushing it on a budget.
What size pipe is optimal, should I retain the 2.25" or will 2.5" be ok?

Plan is to make use of a pair of 2.5" in/out Flowmasters that I bout a few years ago for another project and never used, also no cats this time. Some time in the near future a set of headers, probably ebay cheapies due to budget is in the plans.
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