Exhaust, the age old question...which one?

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Ok, so I know there are tons of threads on here about exhausts. But why not start a new one right? No..really...I'd like to know what you guys are running. and what is going to get me the best sound/performance for my buck. I had a dodge 13 Charger R/T that ran a Magnaflow cat back, with resonator delete system. it sounded good and allowed me to stomp the gas while cruising at about 50 and provided great sound and response. Also..for some reason my truck hesitates..a LOT when I stomp it. scenario: I'm cruising along at about 60...floor it to pass a slow moving vehicle, the truck does NOTHING...takes a second or two to think about it..and then takes off. How do I get around this? is it a safety feature? is it throttle response lag? is it the MDS?..HELP..Thanks!
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