Extra Back up lights

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I want to a a couple of 4" lights under the rear bumper, Should I use an in-line fuse off of my battery to a toggle switch in the cab? I know the lights are grounded themselves, do i ground the switch also?

open to any other options that others have done.

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Couldn't you just splice into the stock backup lights? Would only be a few wires and only a few feet too.
Depending on how much these lights draw, I'd go with a separate switch and a relay in the circuit. All you need is a 12V source that that can be from your tail light circuit.

You might consider getting a switch that lights up so you can tell whether or not it is on. If you forget to switch it off, and it's tied to an always on 12v source, you'll drain your battery.
Thanks guys, the lighted switch is a good idea, i am using what i have in stock in the tool box right now, i will add a bulb to it later on the side, i am going to use the relay and the switch as i only want to use them when i need too.
much appreciated
You could use a relay from a switch or the reverse lights and then power from The battery
Or both with a diode
I did this on my '09 TRX. Haven't decided how to combat the lack of rear lighting on the '11 yet. Check out my gallery for shots of the '09. I spliced off the back-up lights circuit AND added a diode to a 12V power switch as well. This way I could turn them on myself if needed without putting the transmission in reverse but they always came on when I was trying to back-up as well.
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