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I don't know if im posting in the right spot, I just joined, but I got an 04 ram 2500 5.7 hemi that I plow with. I bought extra temperature gauges (oil, tranny, and water). the tranny one I believe I can add a tee to the tranny line or is there a spot on the transmission itself for the sending unit? I have no idea where to put the oil sending unit? and the water gauge can I just tap into the stock gauge without adding another sending unit? thanks for any info
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Did your gauges come with temp sensors. I used a fitting from summit that goes in the upper radiator hose and as a 1/4" npt female to put the sensor in. I know the aftermarket tranny pans come with a place to add temp sensors. Other than that not sure where you would put the other 2.
yes they did come with sensors and I was thinking of doing it that way but if the thermostat is closed and no fluid is going threw the hose wouldn't it read alil cooler then the stock gauge?

For my oil temp gauge a unscrewed the stock oil pressure sending unit (it's right above the filter) and installed a three way splitter. Then I was able to reinstall the stock sending unit as well as add aftermarket oil pressure and sending units.

For the other two gauges you mentioned I just use my aeroforce to read those parameters while driving.
thanks ort ill have to look into it
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