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There is one thing only that I've always envied on GMC trucks. That is their arrow turn signals visible at the edge of their exterior rearview mirrors.

I believe that they do add an extra layer of safety when changing lanes, especially if there is somebody two lanes over and happen to try and move into the same lane as you do at the same time. Being abreast from you they often can't see any signal because we do not have proper side markers. Yes, my towing mirrors have the little corner LEDs but they are only visible from the front.


Because I wan't going to spend a lot of money to try and find a mirror that was compatible (mine are heated so that increases the cost and the difficulty already) I set up to find a thrifty (Yeah, I'm cheap, so sue me.) solution on eBay. After almost bankrupting myself spending about $7 CAD I got a pair of these as an experiment.

Installation couldn't be any simpler. 1/2 hour tops taking my time.

You pop the wide angle mirror, disconnect the top corner LEDs and check the polarity.


The lights are switchbacks and can light up either white or amber. Forget the red wire (white light) and just use the black and yellow. Then you splice up both wires and just pressure-fit the LED tube itself. I was going to attach it with hot glue but it does fit so tightly that I am going to see if it holds like this.


Once you tape all the connections to make sure no water makes it inside the wires, you pop the mirror back in place and marvel at how pretty much almost invisible it all is.


The only thing left is to admire your excellent craftsmanship and hope the entire truck doesn't go up in flames the next time you are merging onto the highway. :smileup:


I hope this gives you ideas for cheap mods.

That is it for today. I also installed a new front camera in place of the old one, this time inset into the Ram logo but I didn't take any pictures, so there.
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