Fairly Certain My Coil Pack Caused EGR Failure

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Just an FYI folks. I started have problems with #7 coil pack a few months ago but I thought it was something else making my truck throw a code on and off. This was due to me changing transmission oil, transfer case oil (not the same!) and the diffs. The new fluid was making it act up for a while but it seemed to be acting right.

Well I got it scanned and was floored when they said my EGR was stopped up AND #7 was acting up. I tried to clean up the EGR first, to no avail. I had both problems now. I changed both of those and reset the codes and WOW, like a new truck.

The best I can figure is that the secondary sparkplug was the only one firing.

Anyhow, I'm throwing this out there in case someone is looking at threads on coil packs. Oh and FWIW the coil pack From Advance Auto Parts was only 28 bucks. I thinking I'm going to change one a month till they are all changed.
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Thanks for the helpful tip, Lucas! Members like you are what makes this forum great.
Thank you for the kind words!

I just remember back in the days BEFORE specialized auto forums where all I had was the Haymes Manual. The Haymes was/is good, but it's really nice to have a "brain to pick". Experience is worth a lot, to me.

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