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I hope I am putting this in the right spot. Yesterday, while travelling on the highway around 75-78 mph, I turned off my heat and the fan made a "whoosh" noise. I turned the fan back on and it made the same noise.

I turned on the recirc air and turned the heat back on and off but there was no noise. Got back into city driving turned off recir air and went back to using outiside air. Turned fan on and off but no "whoosh" noise when came on or off.

Is it possible that the force of the outside air while driving on the highway would cause the noise?

I know when I shut the truck off I hear the electronic motor noises of what I assume are the vent doors closing. Only consistant noise I hear with the fan motor is that when it is on low I can hear the motor noise, kind of annoying.

Looking for some insight with this issue.
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