Fastman Tb in route

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Just ordered a standard mod fastman throttle body hopefully it does the job just as everyone that owns one say it does. before i even knew about dans fastman tb's i was gonna either get a bbk 85mm tb or bbk's 90mm tb but the good guys i take my truck to for tuning and such told me that bigger can really hurt the performance as it said in dans website so hopefully this fastman tb gives me a good outcome.:smileup:
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I've had mine for almost 2 yrs and it's been great, you will like it!
damn two years already must be reliable then thats a good thing to know!
You don't need an 85 until you run boost! And even then, the manifold opening has to be ported to get the full 85MM. I have the standard 80MM mod and it is great!
yea thats what a couple of people had told me and i wanna run some boost just got to bulid the cash first of course but tell me o5 ram and tim whats was the diffrences of performance you guys felt after putting this fastman tb on??or any other details that was benefitting
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