Few pics of the new ride

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Picked it up March 16. My new 2nd love. Have done a couple of emblem additions, in good taste I hope. Magnaflow exhaust and air raid drop in filter. All the performance mods for now until somebody cracks the computer so it can be tuned properly.

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thinking about going for the 500hp package at hennessey with badges, I'm just having a hard time swallowing the 6k price tag
Until they release the tuner for the 11+ you can't use the Hennessey package, at Spring Fest for the Lx/Ls Ralph Gilles (Big Dog at Chrysler/SRT Performance Group) made an appearance and said they are working on getting that encryption out to Vendors. The issue seems to be that they can't get past the "Rolling Code", which apparently means that even when a tuner can crack the encryption there is a smart ass computer code that can fill in the crack and undo whatever the tuner was able to achieve. Word has it that Diablo will be the first to get an exclusive on the deal.
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