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So I was getting ready to give up on the travel link. Then I came across this. Sirius Facebook page! Yes their facebook page. I posted a comment
about the travel link not working dodge giving up and Sirius customer service sucking. Then I saw on their page they have a customer service section. I posted a, I need help with the travel link. They next day they called and sent me an email. To my surprise they were working on it. They sent all my info to their IT department. 2 days later only because I keep missing their phone call. I got an email, stating the travel link was fixed by their it department and they were extending my service for 1 more year. That day when I got home I was supposed to call the rep who I was in contact with, and he was going to send a signal to the radio. So it would update my service subscription. Well I forgot to call. And i remember about 9:00 pm and went out to the truck., dam no dice. Didn't work. Well today I was headed to the dealer, to complain about my fuel mileage. Before I hopped into the truck. I went online to check and see if my account had been updated. And my service was extended, and travel link was added to my account. So I sent a signal to my radio from the my account page. On my way to the dealer I decided to check my subscription service on the radio and the travel link was checked. So I flipped to the travel link and bang. I now have my travel link working.

For those of us who are giving up on getting this service working. Their is hope. This worked for me. I suggest you give it a try.
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