Finally Something More Than Speculation!!!

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Ran across this this evening, appears to be a (chassis, maybe powertrain?) test mule for the 5th gen Rams:

Of note for those of you TL;DR types:

-Looks like wheel interchangeability is going away. it has 6 lug axles so it won't be like the 2nd-4th gens that all had the 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern. This is no doubt due to a stronger axle and increased tow/payload rating. This will be the first new Ram since J2807 was adopted, so it will be interesting to see what the specs are.

-While the bodywork is no doubt 4th gen and not what it will actually look like in order to disguise the style, it looks like either the crew cab is getting bigger or maybe they are bringing the mega cab back to the 1500. Or maybe I am just confused by the camouflage and its really just a crew cab. The increased GVWR should allow for this; the towing/payload war may mean that it bumps right up against the (IIRC) 8500lb GVWR limit for 1/2 tons.

-Its hard to tell, but from what I can see of the rear axle, and what appears to be trailing arms from the side it looks like the rear coil suspension will return. I'm glad to see this because I really think the 5 link coil system is a stronger and all around better setup than Hotchkiss leaves. That also means Ram is doubling down on rear coils by incorporating them in a 2nd generation-I am sure they'll return on the 2500s and I am curious to see if the 3500s get them too.

-Interior looks the same (again, not the exterior or exterior that the 5th gen will have, just like I think the JL mules we have seen are), except for the Chrysler minivan (?) steering wheel. I have no doubt Uconnect will return, probably with more improvements or a new generation (2.0?).

-The shift knob is back, which means more ZFs. I am hoping/wondering if the 2nd gen 8HPs (like the 8HP75 and 8HP50) will come in the 5th gens.

-Also, there is now a stalk on the right side of the steering column. Perhaps this means an end to the oft-maligned steering wheel buttons; or to ERS itself to be replaced with a true manual mode that is controlled by a column shifter-esque stalk that can be easily flicked up and down.

-Its obviously wearing the current Limited piggy snout; hopefully they don't extend that down to the lower trims. I've never cared for aftermarket grilles on Rams (they should have the crosshair), but if I bought one with that grille my first mod would be to get an aftermarket crosshair grille.

-I am sure the EcoDiesel will return, probably upgraded for more power/torque. I think the Hemi will soldier on for another 2 years at least like the 5.9 Magnum did in the 3rd gens, but will be upgraded, especially if not replaced. TT V6 option (not in place of a V8 hopefully)? Maybe...

What do y'all think?
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Excellent Find & Thanks for sharing :smileup:
Found this for those who like pics to go along with the story.
six lugs sounds good, AND this?

We're pretty certain this is a 1500 and not a heavy duty model judging from the grille and hood. That said, FCA clearly went to great lengths to hide the cab. It's still clear that the rear section is longer than your typical quad cab, leading us to believe that the Mega Cab option will return to the 1500 line.
I guess it makes sense since CAFE sits on a sliding scale with respect to wheelbase...
It appears that the resonators and exhaust tips are of a different style, also the rear brakes look bigger........
what I see on the pictures: this is a loooong one. the wheel base is gigantic. this would make me think- that's a mega cab.
the switch can also be a different way to switch the 4wd.
I also noticed shifter paddles on the rear of the steering wheel, when I see right.
but good to see, that they left the front design alone- I love the looks of my truck and it seems, it does not look old, when the new generation is out.
I like the grille- I just don't want to pay money for it- so I keep my cross hair. Maybe somebody wants to swap??
Steering wheel, except for the emblem, looks just like our Grand Cherokee. Shifter paddles as was already mentioned.
I thought the brakes looked bigger but I wasn't sure. Also glad to see I'm not crazy since y'all think it could be a Mega Cab too; its pretty long and that's definitely a 6.4' bed.

As I said before with the sheetmetal, I am about 97% sure that that is not the front end that will be on the production model
Did I miss the mention of the split tailgate patent as a reason for it being covered up?

On a second look it doesn't appear the handle is off to the side enough.
Yeah, forgot that was a speculation. My guess is that since this is still wearing 4th gen sheetmetal it is a chassis/powertrain test mule, so they aren't using it to test body options like the split tailgate. It could also be a late availability option or one this truck just happens not to have.

Another thing that'd be nice to see would be a back window that rolls all the way down like on the Tundra Crewmax. If they can keep it from rattling and bouncing around from inside the cab sheetmetal in the down position it would beat Toyota at its own game.
Top Gear has a link to an industry rag with confirmation of a 2017 Hellcat 1500. It will have 607Hp not 707 like the car and keep the 8 speed tranny :SHOCKED:
Mega Cab with a 6' 4" bed, could we get the 8' bed with a normal crew cab instead!
Mega Cab with a 6' 4" bed, could we get the 8' bed with a normal crew cab instead!
The HD CC 8' and MC 6.4' are on the same frame so probably
the MC 1500 from yesteryear was actually a 2500 frame. might explain the six lugs.
Top Gear has a link to an industry rag with confirmation of a 2017 Hellcat 1500. It will have 607Hp not 707 like the car and keep the 8 speed tranny :SHOCKED:
the MC 1500 from yesteryear was actually a 2500 frame. might explain the six lugs.
Yeah, but Ford and Chevy have been using 6 lug hubs for years, so I think they'll just go to 6 lugs instead of making different hubs and wheels for one cab option. Even the Ford packages that bump the F-150 up to 7 lug hubs are available on all the configurations
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