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Got my truck back today after it had been at the shop since my wreck! A whole month it was there! :smiledown:

Here's the ordeal I went through:
They called after about two weeks of having it saying it would be ready the next day. The next day I got a call saying it would not be ready because they noticed that the tow hook was missing and had to wait for that to come in. They said something else needed to be replaced that they didn't see at first but I don't remember what since I was a little dumbfounded that they missed something like that. You had to have taken the trashed bumper off, obviously, but didn't notice only one side had a tow hook?? I quickly found out the stupidity. When I picked it up last Thursday (after they had it for 3 weeks or so) I noticed they didn't repair a chunk out of the top of the grill or one of the grill inserts that was damaged in the wreck. They said I did not point this out when I brought it in so they didn't look at. Sorry I didn't know I had to be my own damage inspector... So they had to call the insurance company to get those replaced/repaired. I was okay with that because they let me take the truck and I knew it shouldn't take more than a day when they were ready to fix it.

Well, since it was raining the day I got it back and the day after I wasn't able to go over the work they did. After the rain stopped Saturday I went out to look at it and immediately noticed problems 15 feet away. The upper plastic part of the bumper where it meets the steel bumper was bulging out on one side, the passenger side fog light opening was warped out, the passenger side bumper and fender was sticking I'd say 1/4" or so away from the headlight (enough to notice), and already a few nicks and scrapes on the new paint. Mind you the side that was damaged in the wreck was the driver's side...not the side with the most visual concerns I had with it now lol wth right? I was irritated to say the least... Took the truck back this past Monday to have everything fixed, still no word about the grill. Was told the bumper was a reconditioned bumper, which would explain the issue of fitment, and that's the only type of bumper they could order to fix damages. "Okay, whatever, just fix the damn thing!"

Finally got it back today! They order a brand new OEM bumper (thought I was told they couldn't do that) and a brand new grill with all four honeycomb inserts..sweet!! Everything looked to fit correctly. The only issue I noticed this time is the driver side headlight looks a little crooked..needs to be rotated maybe an 1/8" clockwise, no big deal, I'll fix it myself lol

Maybe this is karma, but what a headache and stressful month of not having my truck! Lesson learned...stay awake when operating a motor vehicle :smileup:
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Yes, a hard lesson learned indeed!

Sorry you had to go through all the headaches, but glad to hear you're back on the road!
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