First mod help

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Ok guys I'm picking my truck up this week "14 ram 1500" What the best bang for my buck on this truck with the 5.7 hemi? In the past I've done tuners can exhaust. But I don't have the money for everything up front. So what should I do first. What's the best mod I can do up front?
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Catch can would be first on list too, as well as throttle body cover and baffle cover, see:
Or bed cover for exterior:
sorry neo, but covers for throttle and baffle shouldn't be anywhere near the top of a new owner mod list--- misread maybe?

im 2 months into my new ram:

catch can makes a difference.
cabin air filter kept my interior leather clean

and you can do a lot of aesthetics with PD and some time. don't forget about all the fun mods that are cheap----wheels, red brake calipers, debadge and the world of PD

have fun and congrats man!!!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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