First Ram so I have a few questions

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Hey everyone,
As I said this is my first ever Dodge Ram. After driving it at highway speed and hitting my first bump the front end bounced real fast for a split second and the steering wheel was a little scary. So I did a google search and found this site and also found out after reading a bit that this is common. So I have decided that in a few weeks I'm gonna buy some Blistein 5100 leveling front shocks and a matching set of Blisteins for the rear so I can level my truck and help combat that bounce at the same time. All the bushings and ball joints under the truck look to be in good shape but I'm wondering if while I have it all apart should I replace the stabalizer bushings or a whole new stabalizer bar n bushings just because? If so what type of bushings are best? And for those who have the Blisteins on their 2007 1500 SLT 4x4 what setting did you put the fronts on? Thanks in advance for any advice and insight on my new truck.
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What are your previous vehicles, how many miles are on your truck, and can you describe the issue a little better?
I have had Ford Bronco's and Pick up's. I have 81,000 miles. When I hit a good size bump at any speed over 45 my front wheeels bounce very fast and the truck jumps left or right a bit. I have talked to a couple Ram owers who have the same issue.
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