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Trying to replace my basic radio in my 2012 Express with a Pioneer AVH-X3600BHS. Obviously it doesn't fit! Trimmed enough of the plastic dash but now hits the metal bracket deeper in the dash. From my measurements it is about 1/4" difference.

I'm sure I will need to "trim" some sheetmetal but how did you guys get in there to cut it out?
Did you just cut a vertical slit and bend it over?
Do you take even amounts off top and bottom to keep the face centered?

Any help is appreciated !

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2009 - 2012 Ram radios are all the same size

This video is with a pre 2009 Ram, so yours will be a bit different


MOSTLY go to the Crutchfield website
enter your truck info
it will have things to check off & when you go through the list of radios & find the one that you bought,
Go to the INFO on how to install

Good Luck
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