Fixing scratches?

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Hey all. I do my best to keep my truck looking good. Unfortunately I just got a new round of scratches when my wife took my truck to the beach with our dogs. One is a boxer pit mix and the other is a chihuahua. Well she put them in the bed as always because I don't want the boxer tearing up my leather seats. The problem is that she had the back window open and the chihuahua jumped thru the back window into the truck scratching the heck out of my paint under the window outside.

I tried some turtle wax black box multi step wax and scratch hider and that doesn't work. I tried a simple sharpie marker to make it less obvious on my black paint. Anybody have other ideas? My truck is Black metallic pearl.
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You can try using a buffing compound,just apply some on a rag and rub in a circular motion using medium pressure..
Will that help? My scratches are to the primer.
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