Florida=Lemon=Law - Dodge Ram 2011

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i need some HELP!!!! so i come out this am to get something out of my truck is this what i found.... This is the 3rd time.

I just spoke to corporate office , and they just told me , that this will be the 3rd time on record but they would have to fix it first and water leaks and water damage is not consider lemon law. WTTTFFFFF!!!:4-dontknow::4-dontknow:
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No need to hire a lawyer! That's just money out the dam window You can do the entire thing yourself without hiring the the big guns!

Both of my brothers have done it. Both did the "subsitution of collateral" and got new vehicles. Without skipping a beat! The one brother is going through the process again with his other vehicle.

One had issues with water leaks. The other was with the steering. The new issue is with the transmission. The latest is almost completed.

The big thing is keeping the entire deal, documents and the papers out of the glove box.
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