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lemon law claims are a big deal for automakers and it is not as easy as you think...The idea with any vehicle is to document all the problems, no matter how small or slight and get it on the repair order. Even if they find "no fault at this time" etc. it is all "on the record"...

You never know when you will have to invoke a Lemon Law claim. I was successful in one against Mercedes benz several years ago and documented every issue. I would read the lemon law for Florida, find it on line...

In my instance, there were several issues related to my new vehicle that they eventually could not fix. Since my MB at the time was a lease, and i had negotiated a good deal on it. I opted for what was called a "subsitution of collateral" where thy gave me a brand new vehicle ( with more options!) and substituted VIN numbers. I received a brand new vehicle with 6 miles, after burning up 9K miles and 7 months of my lease, so it worked out well for me.

You will find that the lemon law hinges on documentation, timeing, written letters/correspondence, etc. If you document everything that is required, it can be straightforward and you do not need a lawyer. Ind out as much info you can on the Chyrsler corporate people, who the zone manager is, etc. Oftern if you have all the documentation together and present your case, if may not go to the corporate legal group.
But be prepared for a formidable defense from Chrysler. Best of Luck
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