flowmaster 50hd or super 40 series dual/dual

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has anyone installed anyone of these on the hemi trucks?
i have the 14'' magnaflow and i want more sound. The muffler shop said no on the 50 and get the 40. Flowmaster said to get the 50 HD because it was made for the hemi. muffler shop said it will be like what i have now, but they only sale the 50SUV and not the 50HD. Flowmaster said the 50HD is louder then the 50SUV. plan on dumping before axle. I took off the magnaflow and put two Borla XR1 mufflers and i didnt like the sound. So those will be for sale locally only lol, SO now i need to decide on the flowmaster. Anyone has the super 40 or the 50 HD installed???
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If your going with dual in and dual out, then why bother with a single muffler. Just get a pair of Magna flow high flow 18" or 22" then go true dual. You can keep the resonators if you like. But note, a single muffler with dual in and dual out does not make for a true dual setup. Nor do you need an X or H pipe on your hemi. I know this for a fact, as I have a true dual setup using a pair of Aero Turbine mufflers AT2525. you can hear them on youtube under Aero Turbines dual exhaust.
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