flowmaster exhaust q's

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Hey everybody,
I own a 99 dodge ram 1500 reg cab with a 5.2 (just a little background) it currently has no mods what so ever. I want to change the exhaust up a little bit and I was thinking something along the lines of the flowmaster super 50 kit, American thunder. it has 2.5" outlets, my questions are for anybody

1.) (if you have heard/done this to your truck) Whats the sound like?

2.) Is it intrusive on the cab?

thanks! feel free to comment or leave other inputs on exhaust, what i'm really going for is a deep sound that isn't very intrusive and is only loud when I'm pushing it hard
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The 50 shouldn't be too bad, I like the Magnaflow sound and performance a little more, but that is just me!
i second the magnaflow.
which magnaflow do you two recommend though? and do you have video?
I know I'm a bit late with a response. However, I have a '95 5.2L and I put the American Thunder on it. The sound is aggressive, and I don't really notice a problem as far as annoying goes. In 2,000 and higher RPMs it does sound like I'm bringing a thunder storm with me. But that is what the name stands for, no? The power feels great as well. Not sure how much power I did gain especially in the lower end, but I know I can't keep my foot off the pedal.
I have a 99 reg cab long bed 4wd 5.2. I have a cherry bomb extreme sing in dual out with turn downs dumping under the bed. AWESOME sound echoing off the steet.
I have the 50 series on my 01 Ram it sounds really good. Not loud at all in the cab and still loud enough to turn heads. It has the dual 2.5" outlets.
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