Fog Light Installation

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Hey everybody, about a year ago i bought my 02 1500 and now that winter is once again approaching im missing the fog lights i had on the jeep i used to drive. My bumper already has the cut outs for lights of course i was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on which type of lights would be best and hoe difficult of an installation it is. I want to eventually add some additional lights to the front grill. Any suggestions there? And would it be smart to do both at the same time or at different times? Thanks all!
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No problem, Mopar makes kits like these for almost everything. I got the kit for my ex-wife's Liberty years back, pretty easy to do. The only hitch nowadays on anything newer with a CAN bus electrical system, it's like plugging a peripheral into a computer, it has to be enabled by the dealer or someone with the dealer's scan tool.
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