footwell lights

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where should the hot wire be connected so my new led footwell lights will fade off like the rest of the interior lights. I only want them on with interior lights
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yes I only want the lights on when the interior (map and dome) lights come on. led lights will dim. while back when I had a small get around car and hooked some up in it however this truck is a completely different beast.
You want to tap your interior LEDs to your dome light wire. Then they will illuminate with your dome and maps... when you open a door, when you unlock and when you rotate the dash dimmer switch all the way to the right.
Yes, in 4th gens (up to 2012.. as I believe it may have changed in later MYs).. the dome light wire is white w/yellow stripe. It is pin #13 in the access panel on the driver side. Anything tapped into that will act with the dome and maps.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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