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Me included, there are a lot of people on this forum that are struggling with the decision to make a muffler change. Let's face it. It was a bit unsettling to see someone take a sawzall to my brand-new truck, but I'm glad I did it.

You are considering changing your muffler because you don't like the way your truck sounds while you're riding inside of it. If you stand behind your truck and listen to the exhaust - it has a great tone to it from the factory. Quiet, but a good tone. But who stands behind their truck and listens to it. Very much at least!!!!

The issue for me was that you simply can't hear it at all when you push the gas pedal or when you think you should hear it. So you want it to sound a little more badass. Everyone, including myself, was concerned about the drone in the cabin. The reality is if you want to sound a little more awesome, then you are going to hear it in the cabin.

My muffler shop let me hear the 14, 18, and FM40 and muffler delete. The muffler delete was badass, and although it was not as loud as I expected it to be, it was still very loud. The FM40 and MF14 were very similar but I went with the magnaflow because of the other reviews on this site. The 18 was quieter but I was concerned if I'm going to do this only to go a little bit louder I may be disappointed...

There is a definite difference between the 14 and the stock exhaust. If you want no noise at all in the cabin then keep your stock exhaust. It will definitely increase the tone inside the cabin whether you call this drone or something else - it is noticeable.

Some of the reviewers on this forum say that there's no noise at all inside the cabin, I just don't know how that is possible.
When you step on the pedal it makes an awesome rumble sound and it makes you feel like you have a performance truck. You can hear each shift of the 8 speed. It's not an overpowering noise, but to me, just sounds great.

Some numbers:
-When you're cruising and don't necessarily want to hear the drone, it is barely noticeable at 50 miles an hour at 1500 RPM
-Cruising at 45 mph at 1400 RPMs there is no noticeable exhaust at all.
-Between 1600 and 2000 RPM, where these trucks tend to run, there is a definite noticeable tone or deep rumble in the cabin. Yes, you can have a conversation with the person next to you!
-I do not notice any difference when my ECO light is on compared to when it is not on.
-At highway speeds of 65 to 75 mph, that cabin noise is slightly noticeable but not over 75 mph where the wind noise and everything else completely drowns it out.
-If you're cruising with the radio and air-conditioning on chances are you won't notice it hardly at all. At 80 mph and 2100 RPMs the wind noise and road noise with the stock Goodyears is louder than the exhaust.
-At 70 mph and about 1900 RPMs the wind noise in the exhaust are about the same volume meaning you can hear them both a little bit.
-With my free iPhone dB meter, I was running about 80 dB before the muffler change and about 85 dB after it. That is on highway with no radio or AC running.

Reality is for the 70 bucks my local muffler shop charged me to weld it on, if I don't like it or get sick of it I can always put my stock back on!

But it does make me smile every time I start my truck!!!!
I've tried to upload some sound clips but I think they were too large.
Good luck!

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I agree. I was doing so much research and finally decided on the FM 50 after hearing some youtube clips. I live in a densly-housed area and wanted to beef up the rumble a bit without shaking the neighbors out of bed in the morning. You're right - there is definitely more cabin drone even with the FM 50 but it is not too overpowering.
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