Frame question time!

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ok, am dealing on a rust free parts truck. It's a 1994 2500 ctd 4x4.
according to the interchange guide, there is a parts break from 9/17/93 and 9/18/93. anybody know what was changed here?

I found this truck (minus engine, trans, and rear axle) to supply parts for my 2 other rams.
My '97 will get the cab and front clip. ( I know the wiring will have to be swapped over)
My '94 will get the frame. my old frame is totally rusted (bottom flange along gas tank is missing) and seriously pitted full length. This truck used to spread fertilizer on golf courses in St. Louis before I bought it.
ammonium nitrate is NASTY stuff.

My "94'' is a 8800 gvw, with the dana 60 on front. is it safe to assume the donor truck with the ctd will be the same? I cant believe they would put a '44' under the diesel. But I thought I'd check here before I head out west! I'll be swapping all my driveline/axles from my '94 2500 gas onto this '94 frame. I then have another rust free '95 regular cab/long box to supply the sheetmetal. It's a 1500 v-6.

oh, btw, my 97 slammed head first into the back of a parked stock trailer last week. :doh: The airbag worked perfectly. LOL, I found stuff from under the seat I thought was LONG gone!
I plan to document these 2 projects this winter, and post pics of the progress.
Winter has been super nice so far, and working out in the shop is pretty nice
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what a way to make sure your air bag works
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