Front brake issue

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Ever since i bought my truck, the passenger side front brake drags and literally locks up at times so hard i can jack it up and barely spin the wheel. So I did a complete brake job on both left and right front brakes hoping it would do the trick..

New Calipers (including guide pins, bushings, etc)
New Rotors
New Pads
New Rubber hoses
New lines from ABS module

So everything is new, but nope.. Passenger side still drags. It cant be hydraulic because when i opened the bleed screw, the brake never freed up. This led me to believe the problem was mechanical, the guide pins and bushings. After sanding the bushings and cleaning everything until it practically had a mirror finish, the bushings slid back into the rubber boot in the caliper with ease, but as soon as i bolted them up, the caliper wanted to slide easily toward the center of the truck, but i could not pull it back to the outside unless i used a pry bar. I have a hunch that the knuckle that the caliper bolts to was drilled wrong from the factory... I think the bolt holes are too far apart and not square. So i just want to know what are my options before i have to buy a knuckle for 300 bucks??
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Hi, and thanks for joining the RamforumZ. I encourage you to stop by the Newbie Checkin section and introduce yourself so other members and give you a proper how-do-ya-do.

Don't think you have any other options. If you've ruled everything else out, and I was leaning towards the knuckle after reading through what you have done, then it's time to replace the knuckle. Can you get one from a recycler?
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