Front Drive Shaft CV Joint

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It appears the CV joint on the front drive shaft (rear part of shaft, entering transfer case) is going bad. Clicking noise when I turn the front wheels by hand, and a "whirring" sound that varies with vehicle speed when I'm actually driving the truck. I've seen the repair kits (Auto-zone calls it a Driveshaft CV joint and Napa calls it a Propeller shaft repair kit), and was wondering how difficult a job is this? I'm comfortable changing u-joints, wheel hub assembly, etc. Would this be something that's doable? I can't find any directions for it online, not even You-tube. Anyone know?

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well all bearings are allowed a certain amount of play. you need to determine exactly what is moving and making noise. hold the side of the cv join that goes into the t case and move the ds up and down. if there is play then it may only be that u joint and you would be good to go. if there is no play then its only the bearing. check with a place like aamco or something for a better price. shop around at reputable places. most good shops will give you a warranty also. but a bearing replacement is definitely something i dont suggest you do yourself.
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