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My dad has an 05 Dodge Ram. I don't know much about trucks, he doesn't know much about the internet, so he asked me to look around for him.

Basically, his truck is vibrating when he's going down the road straight. You can feel it in your feet and in the seat. If you turn the wheel just half an inch either way it goes away until you straighten back out again.

I searched around and found some other information, but most seem to have the problem when turning, not when going straight. He thought it might be his tires so he went and had his snow tires put on and it didn't fix it.

I'm pretty sure it's at all speeds and fixes turning to either direction. I'll get some more info from him tomorrow like speeds, tire size, and if it's lifted (I think it might be a little). He called me in class tonight so I didn't get much info from him.
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