Front seat making noise.

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The driver side seat of my Laramie longhorn is making a squeaking/clicking noise while I'm drivin idk wtf it is? Anyone have this happen?
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I had the same problem. Here's what the dealer did:

They loosened the bolts on the seat, then they had another person sit in the seat (for applied pressure) as they re-torqued the bolts. Squeak gone. BTW: The dealership told me a plastic gum wrapper was stuck between the seat bracket and floor/rug. Hmmm...really? They said the wrapper caused the squeak. Really? I was able to replicate the noise by reefing on the back of the seat (jiggle it left to right). How could the noise be caused by a gum wrapper? The service writer DID NOT put that into his report.
Those damned gum wrappers! They're also the cause of my poor gas mileage! Dodge told me that a gum wrapper got stuck behind the accelerator linkage causing the RPM's to come up, hence the low mpg's!

:gy:Silly dealerships.
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