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I have been getting some random stuttering (and occasionally an engine stall) at low RPM's on my 2003 4.7L Ram with 66k miles.

At first I was just going to replace the fuel filter and assume that was the issue, but after doing some research appears Dodge has sort of screwed us by not making the fuel filter replaceable.

Also further research has indicated that Dodge Rams tend to get a plugged up fuel tank, which further complicates the fuel delivery issue. I doubt my fuel pump itself is going bad...but I could be wrong about that as well. It shouldn't be going out at 66k miles without a plugged up fuel tank anyhow.

A couple of questions...

1) how hard is it to drop the fuel tank?

2) is it possible to just clean out the fuel tank instead of replacing it?

3) is there any alternate recommendations before messing with the fuel tank?

I was considering a seafoam treatment, but I am not sure if that will actually solve my issues in the long run. I would love to get a 2nd opinion though...especially if anyone else has been in this situation before.
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