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Greetings folks. I apologize in advance, but my search fu is weak. I've looked but can't seem to get a specific answer anywhere else so I'm trying the RamForum.

I have a 1994 Ram, 5.9. I need a fuel pump and apparently I need a pigtail connector as well. Problem is, which one? I am not a mechanic and not very knowledgeable about such things but I can't for the life of me figure out which pump I need and which connector I need. Can someone tell me in plain english what I need to get in order to make this work? She's ugly, but she's a good truck. I'm looking for specific part numbers for the pump AND the pigtail. Basically a buy and forget. It has 4 wires, but the current set up had a 5 pin connector. The connector is burned up so it needs to be replaced along with the pump. I don't want to make any assumptions so I'm asking the experts... Which pump and pigtail connector do I need to get? Of course, I'm not looking for "cheap", but I am looking for inexpensive. At least as inexpensive as possible.

Much thanks in advance to contributors,

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