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Yesterday evening I jumped in the truck and it would not start. It behaved like a dead battery, but I could not jump start it. Popped the battery out and the local national brand parts store tested it for me -- it was like new. They tried to sell me a starter. I called a tow truck.

My mechanic found a "broken wire," spliced it and I was up and running. I asked if the wire was burnt or broken -- they reassured me it was broken. Apparently old wires get brittle and break. I am not very happy with a splice. Spliced wires increase resistance. Resistance lowers power and creates heat. It looks like the newly spliced wire is near the positive connection on the alternator. (I may be able to post a pic tomorrow). It appears they just used a crimp connection and some heat shrink. (Something I could have done if I had time and some better trouble-shooting skills.)

I was curious so I jump on the interwebs to look for information about my charging system. I found some great information on these forums. :smiley_thumbs_up:( I have learned that there is a fusible link somewhere between the PCM (i.e. the fuse box) and the alternator.

Where is this fusible link located exactly? What does it look like? Any chance the mechanic replaced a burned fusible link with a short length of wire? :doh:

I don't doubt or distrust my mechanic, I am just the type of person that wants to know as much as possible about my awesome ram truck. :smileup:
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