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I'm living in Honduras, and been trying to get some 315/75 16R A/T tires shipped here. Shipping to APO (Army Post Office) is about $80 a tire, which brings the cheapest tire to about $300

I've found one local tire shop (many say they can't get it) who said they can order a 315/75 16R A/T for $120 a piece, whereas 285/75 are about $240.

I asked why they were cheaper, and she said no warranty on the 315's

I asked for the brand name, (BF Goodrich for the 285's) and she wrote "Futuro" for the 315's.

Keep in mind the language barrier, but I can't find anything with that name. I found "futura" tires, which are PEP Boys line made by cooper tires, but I can't find a 315/75 16R in that line.

any thoughts???
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