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Just looking for tips to improve my mileage. Wondering what people have found to have worked. Looking at doing simple things to try. Thinking of things like CAI or new exhaust. What about chips do they really work? Sorry about the dumb questions. Just trying to get as much info on all sorts of stuff to get the most out of my truck.
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I have the MOPAR CAI on my 2010 RAM 5.7. I really love the sound and it seems to have gave it a bit more get up, not a lot. I am also planning on buying the Diablosport Intune for it. That is going to replace the preditor. It seems to be pretty sweet at least what I have read about it so far. Iy has been running at 389.00 on auto anything. I can not wait. It says up to 25 HP and 25 TQ.:4-dontknow:
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