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Just looking for tips to improve my mileage. Wondering what people have found to have worked. Looking at doing simple things to try. Thinking of things like CAI or new exhaust. What about chips do they really work? Sorry about the dumb questions. Just trying to get as much info on all sorts of stuff to get the most out of my truck.
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If you do not have a tonneau cover, that is a good investment. I tested my Dakota with and without the tonneau cover and everytime I install it, I gain 1 mpg.

I've read numerous posts about people getting better gas mileage with a tuner. I also think there is merit in this and would recommend it.

A good CAI should help mpg as well. I'm partial to the Vararam because it makes sense. I've read quite a few posts about success with Volant and a few others as well.

Once all the above, I'd finish by making the exhaust breath better. The terrible Y pipe on our trucks would be one area for improvement. Any good cat back should be benefitial. I personally plan to do all the above in the near future.
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