Gear Ratio

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How to tell what ratio you have . I have a 2012 Ram1500 Hemi 2wd.
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You can either look on your window sticker or you can crawl under the truck. There should be a sticker on the rear axle saying the gear ratio...3.21, 3.55, or 3.92.

Also, you could tell us your tire size and RPM's at 70 MPH. We could calculate which ratio you have that way.

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If you have a 3.55 and want to upgrade to 3.92 would the dealership swap it out ? Would it be to expensive to do it that way?
It wouldnt be worth it. They would charge you way to much at the dealer. Also if your going to change the gear from a 3.55 go for a 4.10 or 4.56. I would just stay with the 3.55 You have the posi and thats more important then the .37 differance in gear.
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