gear ratio?

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my truck is a 2012 express sc silver. When i bought it i asked for 3.92 gears and posi but when i got the truck an looked at the sticker it didnt say on it anywhere. Ive tried to look up the vin and found nthn. At the track in the wet box it burned both of em (guess cus the water) and the street itll spin both then start doin the one tire fryer. How else can i tell? I was gonna call the parts dept today and ask but didnt have time.
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Jack the rear and turn the tires....if they spin opposite directions, it is an open diff. If they spin the same direction...LSD


Go to a service writer with the vin number and ask for a build!
x2 what Tim said.

Here is a link that you can go to (look for another link in the first post). You can email them and they will give you your build sheet. It will list whether or not you have limited slip or open differential
It may still be on your right rear axle housing, just a piece of paper that is glued on

But you should get a BUILD SHEET, it is about 3 pages of everything on your Ram, its FREE. It has everything that was on your window sticker & a lot more.

Go here & click Customer Assistance

they will ask for your VIN # & mileage
just request your vehicles BUILD SHEET
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It should also be listed as an option on the window sticker.
I looked at several 2012 Rams yesterday
NONE of them had the rear end ratio on the window stickers
Yeah I've not seen it on the window sticker either, on several occasions (my whole family and many friends own I've seen at least a handful...)
If it does not show 3.92 as an option on the sticker, it is assumed that you get 3.55.
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