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I am checking in from CT. I have a Ram 2011 1500 4x4 Laramie with a 3.55 axel and no LSD. I want to convert to a 3.92 w/LSD. Does anyone know a good Differential Mechanic in CT?
Thank you.
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I am going to check out more on the ZF rear ends too

On old AAM 9.25 differentials, you could just unbolt the ring gear from the carrier, easiest done when everything was taken from the center pumpkin, then you took out the pinion gear & changed it out, then put the carrier with the new ring gear back in, slid the axles back in & button everything up.

With the ZF 9.25 differential, the ring gear fastens to the carrier a different way, making the changing of the ring gear much harder.
It seems to me that buying a new carrier with the preferred ring already attached with LSD would be the simplest way to go. then sell the old carrier & ring gear, instead of paying for machining

Putting a locker in a chrysler product, very similar to our 9.25 AAM differentials
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