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I found a 4.10 rear end setup for 1200$ on the online mopar store. Went by the dealership to confirm what exactly it was that I would be receiving because it seemed cheap. And turns out to be everything you need for a gear swap. 1200$ aint bad. Im running 3.55s as well. I plan on swapping to 4.10s as my last mod on my truck.

I run the exact same tire as you when at the track. MT drag radials. just a different wheel.

Now that i saw those wheels (Your track wheels) on your ram. I may have found the set of wheels ive been searching for to put on mine :smileup:
Does that include the LSD as well or is that just the gears, I'm a slight newb to this whole rear diff thing, I want to swap out the 3.55's for the 4.10's with a limited slip so I'm not peg legging it anymore.
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